Scottish Health Economics Early Career Researchers

Hello, we are the Scottish Health Economics Early Career (SHEEC) network.
A sub-group of the Scottish Health Economics (SHE) collaboration, we aim to create a conversation network for people who are at an early stage of their involvement in health economics and related research in Scotland.
We are linking together as a community – across Scotland’s Universities, NHS and Government – to share and learn.

Our steering group, chaired by Dr Linda Fenocchi, consists of representatives from several SHE member institutions:


Name: Dr Linda Fenocchi

Institution: Glasgow Caledonian University

Position: Researcher, Health Economics

Name: Miss Dikshyanta Rana

Institution: Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HEHTA), University of Glasgow

Position: Research Assistant

Name: Miss Meryl Heggeland

Institution: Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS)

Position: Health Economist

Name: Dr Neil Chalmers

Institution: Public Health Scotland (PHS)

Position: Health Economist and Honorary Research Fellow, Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen

Name: Helen Chung Patterson

Institution: Public Health Scotland (PHS)

Position: Health Economist

Name: Dr Elizabeth Lemmon

Institution: Edinburgh Health Economics (EHE), University of Edinburgh

Position: Research Fellow

Name: Mr Michael Abbott

Institution: Health Economics Research Unit, University of Aberdeen

Position: Research Assistant and PhD Candidate

Name: Dr Alastair Irvine

Institution: Scottish Government

Position: Economist

If you are interested in joining the SHEEC mailing list, where we share information about health economics events of interest then please contact SHE at and put ‘SHEEC’ in the subject box. We also run a SHEEC LinkedIn group where we share health economics resources and information on events that we think might be useful for ECRs. If you would like to be part of the LinkedIn group please click here.